Project Manager

Project Manager

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OWLFINITY LLC is looking for motivated and skilled candidate to fill the position of the Project Manager, who will be responsible for performing the below mentioned responsibilities.

Job responsibilities

Implementation of projects from start to completion process (initiation, planning, implementation, control, completion);

Definition and approval of goals of the project and the scope thereof;

Specification for a feasibility, seeking alternatives, preparation of project proposal, development of the budget and deadlines, building of a start-up team;

Management of beneficiaries and their expectations, assurance of communication with the beneficiaries within the scope of the project, arrangement of periodic meetings with the working team, situation analysis, to assure proper awareness of interested beneficiaries;

Project rationale, validation, maintenance and participation in the financing procedure;

Execution and maintenance of project related documents; Interim inspection of the project, elimination of errors;

Project completeness check, launch of test project.

How to Apply

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Yerevan, Armenia




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