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Screenful is a data analytics & visualisation startup based in Helsinki and Yerevan. Our mission is to make data analytics more visual and user friendly. We provide teams with hard facts about their projects' progress and tools to effectively communicate that with their stakeholders.


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The team is very product and customer focused. We're constantly improving our product, adding new features and it makes our tools really appreciated by lots of companies. The working process is really flexible and you may work from any place having a suitable internet. You may work from wherever you want - co-working space, home, cafe, swimming pool? :)

Gevorg Harutyunyan

As the CTO I spend most of my time working on new features and scaling systems to match our growth, as well as doing customer support. Yesterday I was optimising our analytics engine and today I’m helping customers set up their dashboards. In a small fast growing company no two days are the same! One of our strengths is that we spend quite a lot of time discussing, analysing and acting on the feedback from our customers, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to deliver a great product. Being a distributed team all of us have quite independent roles, everyone gets to take full responsibility for their own tasks and communicating to keep others up to date. We’re heavy users of Trello, Slack and Skype. One thing I’m really proud about is our customers. When I see that the best companies in the world are using our product I know we’re on the right track. But the best part about working at Screenful is our team. It’s superfun to work with such talented and enthusiastic people!

Tuomas Tammi

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