EventGeek is a single platform to manage all of your company's events. Manage your event team. Plan budgets. Track your event ROI.

Company mission

EventGeek is a funded, fast-growing technology startup that’s transforming the ways companies manage in-person events and meetings. As we embark on the next stage of our intense growth, we’re looking to expand our talented and close-knit team by adding several key players to our offices in Yerevan and Berkeley, CA.

As society becomes more virtual, the value of in-person experiences increases. In 2019, companies will spend an estimated $520B USD on b2b events and meetings, to create and build customer relationships and community. Despite these vast sums, event and meeting managers, who do everything from manage multi-million dollar budgets to arrange travel for VIP speakers, are mired in backwards process and technology.

It is often said that events are the oldest media, older than newspapers. Even event managers at the most innovative Silicon Valley companies can feel like they are stuck in the stone age, with tools such as email and spreadsheets ill-equipped to handle the fast-evolving demands of modern audiences and stakeholders.

EventGeek represents a quantum leap into the future for event managers. Our SaaS platform is used by well-known customers, such as Salesforce, Honda and University of Oxford, to manage tens of thousands of events around the world. As a pioneering product contributor, you will help to design and build an entirely new category of web and mobile products to empower and enable better events and in-person experiences.

EventGeek was founded in 2016 by a team in San Francisco and Yerevan. Investors include Y Combinator, HIVE Ventures and Uber alumni. As an early-stage startup team member, you will help to lay the foundation our company’s culture, strategy and technology for many years to come.

EventGeek’s Core Values

Vision: We hold the future in our minds eye as huge mountain on a clear day.

Growth: The path forward demands continuous improvement from each of us individually.

Collaboration: Together we can accomplish far greater achievements than any one of us alone.

Transparency: The scale of our ambition relies on equal access to information.

Flexibility: The disruptive nature of our endeavor entails rapid rates of change.

Ownership: We each hold the keys to our future and tangible stakes in the outcome.

Team Retreats

At least twice a year, we get together in-person in Armenia, the US and another international destination to relax and bond as a team. Last year, we went to Paros, Greece. Check out some of our pics!


[email protected]
Armenia, Yerevan, 9 Alek Manukyan St, Room 308